Love, attention and plenty of exercise are the standard at Varian Kennels. Play and socialization are emphasized as all (friendly) boarding and training dogs get to play and run together with my pack! Boarding is available to all my previous training clients, new dogs have a one time fee of  $100 to introduce them to the pack, and teach them enough obedience to come off leash on our runs, not jump on me, and not blast through gates! (We are a pack here, so all the members must behave reasonably!)

We also offer grooming so when you get home you can cross washing the dog off of your list of things to do! Nothing too fancy, just a hot shampoo, condition rinse bath, blowout, and solid brushing. Labrador Retrievers are just $35.00, heavy coated dogs like German Shepherds run about $50 to $60.

  • Boarding is $45/night for first dog ($30 each additional dog), or monthly rates are $1100/dog.
  • Training is sometimes available at  $100  a session.
  • Holiday rates, add $10 per kennel. (not per dog, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter Vacation.)
One last note: Just as space is limited occasionally, so is my time! Make reservations early!

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Or Hear what other clients had to say about their boarding experience here at Varian Kennels:

Thanks so much for taking such good care of Honalei (female German shepherd mix) while we were gone. You did a great job of shaving her belly!

Thank you so much for taking care of Hayley (female Golden Retriever.) In all her 12 years she has never been boarded and we were a little nervous about how she would do . The card you sent home with pictures of her hiking, exploring, swimming and romping with her new dog buddies were so cute and totally priceless. We are thrilled she did so well and are so glad to know there is such a great place for her to stay when we go out of town again!